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Pulnomor is a uniquely designed dog leash that helps prevent your dog from pulling. Dogs excitement levels raise dramatically when being walked. So naturally they are excited and want to pull as hard as they can. As a result dog owners get frustrated and don’t want to walk the dog….

Monday, July 16, 2012

Is the Pulnomor good for you and your dog?

Most people find themselves weighing the options of walking their dog, or making an excuse not to!  When in most cases the dogs are hyper and hard to walk because they haven’t been walked in some time.  We strongly feel that after trying the Pulnomor the decision to walk your dog will become much easier.   The idea is simple train the dog to behave while on a leash.  Which in turn makes it much easier for you to walk the dog rather than sitting and deliberating the decision.  Go to www.pulnomor.com  to find out more and to order yours today!

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Is that a cat? Oh well

Is that a cat? Oh well